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Mens Premium Tube Ihram (Ehram)


Mens Tube Ihram

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Product Description

Mens Premium Tube Ihram (Ehram)

This is a high quality premium  2 piece towelling Ihram.

A luxurious quality 2 piece towelling Ihram set.  Specially designed in a unique tubular style.  Beautifully crafted in 77% combed cotton with highly absorbent  properties for sweat & skin irritation and with a 23% polyamide for a super soft comfort to keep a cool feeling in mind!

The bottom section is specially designed in a unique tubular style, similar to wearing a lungi but top half is not a tube

  • The tube Ihram has NO stitching
  • Absorbs sweat and avoids skin irritations
  • Premium Lightweight
  • Soft & Strong Towel Ihram
  • Superior Unsown cloth in brilliant white finish
  • Unique Tubular Design & Easy Wearing
  • Suitable for both hot days and cold nights
  • Ideal for those not used to wearing a Lungi and conscious of exposing their vitals. 
  • FREE Standard Adjustable Ihram belt