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General News

Hajj Dates for 2017 (1438AH)

Hajj 2017 Hajj Dates for 2017 (1438AH) Important dates for Pilgrims *Dates are based on the Islamic Hijri calendar is based on Umm Al-Qura calculations. Dates of receipt of applications for Hajj visas The last date for receiving applications for Hajj visas from the embassies and representations Custodian of the Two

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New security and safety plan for extended mataaf

MAKKAH — A new security plan is being put in place for the safety and security of pilgrims and worshippers with the expansion of the mataaf (the circumambulation area around the Kaaba) at the Grand Mosque in Makkah. “The mataaf will have a larger capacity to accommodate pilgrims during the

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95 percent of the temporary mataf bridge dismantled

MAKKAH — About 95 percent of the temporary mataf bridge has so far been dismantled and work on the entire project is expected to be completed on May 17, according to a member of the technical committee of the expansion project of the Grand Mosque. “Work on the demolishing of

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Zamzam water well cleaned twice in Kingdom’s history

  Khaled Saleem Al-Humaidi Okaz/Saudi Gazette MAKKAH — In the history of the Zamzam well, there have been several significant milestones. The first was in 1964 when the use of buckets to draw water ended. It was replaced with taps after the late King Saud ordered the expansion of the mataf

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Eid Mubarak!

Team CBHUK would like to wish all Muslims around the world Eid Mubarak. We pray Allah Almighty accepts our fasting and prayers and grants everyone who performed Umrah during Ramadan an accepted pilgrimage.  Ameen.

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