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Hajj 2020

Hajj 2020 Update Webinar Friday 26.06.2020

 Powered by CBHUK   CBHUK Hajj 2020 Webinar #2 Hosted by Abdul Akbar  On Monday 22nd June 2020, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah announced that the numbers performing Hajj will be “very limited” and that only Muslims from various Nationalities residing in Saudi Arabia will be allowed

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Saudi Arabia: Hajj 2020 to be held with very limited number of pilgrims Decision taken due to the ongoing threat from the coronavirus pandemic Pilgrims will come from various nationalities who already reside in Saudi Arabia RIYADH: Hajj will go ahead next month but with a “very limited” number of

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Updated: 17th April 2020 On 15th April 2020, we issued our Hajj Advice 2020.    Following feedback we received, we would like to add the following in regards to Existing Hajj Bookings and installment payments:  “…but before you do so, check the terms and conditions in your travel contract in

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UK Hajj Companies urged to follow instructions from the Haj Ministry and remain transparent.

فيديو عاجل | وزير الحج يدعو دول العالم عبر #الإخبارية من أمام #الكعبة_المشرفة التريث في إبرام عقود #الحج — قناة الإخبارية (@alekhbariyatv) March 31, 2020 The following is an abstract of the interview of His Excellency, the Minister of Haj & Umrah with Al-Ekhbaria News Channel on Tuesday 31st

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