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General News

Hajj 2020 Update Webinar 23.06.2020 6pm – ENDED

 Powered by CBHUK   CBHUK Hajj 2020 Webinar  Hosted by Abdul Akbar  On Monday 22nd June 2020, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah announced that the numbers performing Hajj will be “very limited” and that only Muslims from various Nationalities residing in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to

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Ramadan Appeal 2020

CBHUK Ramadan Appeal 2020 Help us continue serving the guest of Almighty Allah The Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic has bought about challenges for us all, and in particular for charities like ours, who have not been able to engage at the levels we would normally allowing us to be self sufficient.

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Saudi Tourism Visa Clarification

⚠Saudi Tourism Visa Clarification – EXPLICIT ADVICE  ⚠ Updated 28.02.2020 Last Update 01.03.2020 The Saudi Ministry of Tourism officially clarifies that Tourist Visa Holders are NOT permitted to travel to Makkah & Madinah Please report any agent encouraging pilgrims to break this rule and Travel to Saudi Arabia without Ehram

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