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Help us to deliver services to the Guests of Allah by donating to one of our campaigns, donate as much as you can and reap the rewards of helping the Guest of the Almighty perform their journey of a lifetime

“Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a similar reward.”
Source: Sahih Muslim

You can donate in several ways, please see below:
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  1. Kaaba Mataf Makkah September 2022 - Image Copyright of CBHUK

    Lillah Donation

    Support the work of CBHUK with your Lillah donation.  This will go towards supporting the guests of Al-Rahman.   

    £135.00 donated
  2. Live Stream Equipment

    We require Live Stream equipment so we can produce video’s and Live Stream our events so the wider community can benefit.

    £10.00 donated
  3. Venue Appeal

    Donate towards the Cost of the Venues used to deliver our Seminars and Vaccinations Clinics around the UK.

    £10.00 donated
  4. Hajj & Umrah Guide Book Appeal

    We’re fundraising to publish and distribute 25,000 Hajj & Umrah guides for 2025.

    £118.09 donated