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How to Perform Hajj


Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam. Hajj is performed when you visit the House of Allah and practice certain rituals that is situated in Makkah the Holy City of Muhammad (S.A.W). Allah has made Hajj compulsory for people who are healthy and financially able and he mentions the importance of Hajj in the Quran as well.

Allah Almighty describes the importance of hajj in Surah Al Imran Ayat: 97.
The Quran says: (Translated) “And for the sake of Allah, the people are to perform pilgrimage to this House, who could find a way there. And for the one who denies, then Allah is independent of entire world.”

In this article you will find the details about the rituals that you have to follow in order to perform Hajj. It is important that you should be aware of your “Fiqh” before you start your journey. In addition to that you should also be aware of the ways that have to be followed in Hajj. Thus it is necessary for people to read proper guideline before going for Hajj.

There are numerous books and other forms of resources available and we would advise you do research these to maximise your knowledge and gain rewards from Hajj

There are three types of Hajj:

Hajj Ifraad
In this type of the Hajj people intend for Hajj after starting Shawwal. S/He wears Ehram with the intention of Hajj only and s/he does not intend to perform Umrah during this time period.

Hajj Qiran
This method type is when the person intends for both Umrah and hajj in the same Ehram.

Hajj Tamattu (This is the most common type of Hajj)
This is when one who wears Ehram with the intention of Umrah not for Hajj (Please Click Here on How to Perform Umrah), intention of Hajj is made within the boundaries of

Vital Information for Pilgrims

Following is the list of information that is necessary for the pilgrims to know before they intend to go for Hajj.
• The sole intention should be to perform hajj in order to fulfil Allah’s command
• Try to avoid all major or minor sins from core of your heart. Try to pray and ask forgiveness from Allah and all the people for any wrong doing.
• Make sure you pray 5 times a day
• You should be strong to bear the troubles and the difficulties with patience on Hajj.
• It is advised to wear the Erhaam at the airport or on the plane.
• Make sure that you have all your medication and you have taken the necessary vaccination as well.
• Your passport and travelling documents are extremely important thus you should have some carry bags that can hold all your important things.

On this day the pilgrims start to move towards Mina early morning after Fajr. On this day the Ehram is worn (If you are doing Hajj Tammatu-You will wear your Ihram at your hotel) and two Nafal are offered with the intention of Hajj. It is preferred to read Surah Al Kafiroon in first rakat and Surah Al Ikhlas in second rakat. Intend for Hajj after reading the following prayer.

Umrah Intention
“I intend to perform Hajj; make it easy for me and accept it from me.”

Now is time to start reciting Talbiyah after you have made the intention for performing Hajj:



“Here I am O Allah, (in response to your call), here I am. Here I am. You have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise, grace, and sovereignty belong to you. You have no partner.”

After reaching Mina the pilgrims are bound to offer five prayers in Mina. That means that you have to offer prayers from Duhr to the Fajr prayer of the Dhul Hijja. Try to keep yourself busy in the remembrance of Allah.

Conditions of Ehram
• Men should cover the body in such a way that their belly button is covered but their ankles should be open.
• Men are not allowed to make a knot in the sheet. No thread or rope should be used to tie the sheet.
• Use the ends of the sheet to fold them in such a way that it remains tight. Now use another unstitched cloth on shoulders. The right shoulder should be open.
• Men are not allowed to wear stitched cloth while women can wear stitched clothes. Ladies should cover the head with a scarf.
• Men and women are not allowed to cut or detach the body hair neither they are allowed to cut nails.
• Both men and women are prohibited to use perfumes or scents.
• They should not use soap with fragrance nor should they kohl with perfume nor eat betel leaf containing fragrance.
• Men are prohibited to wear gloves or socks not even shoes. They can wear flip flops slippers from which the upper bone of foot is visible. Ladies can wear shoes or socks.
• Mutual concupiscence discussion between husband and wife is illegal during Ehram.
• Women can wear ornaments and men can wear bags and wrist watches.

On this day the pilgrims move towards Arafat after offering Fajr prayer. Gathering in the ground of Arafat on 9th Dhul Hijja is important because it is one of the most important ritual of Hajj. If you are not present on the Arafat on the sunset of 9th Dhul Hijja and the sunrise of 10th Dhul Hijja then your Hajj will be incomplete.

Jabl-e- Rehmat is the mountain on which holy prophet addressed the Khutba Hijjatul Wida. After reaching Arafat you are required to pray Duhr and Asr prayer together behind the imam in Masjid Namra. The time of Waqoof-e- Arafat is extremely important as you can pray for yourself and your loved ones on this occasion.
Now it’s the time to move on to Muzdalifah from Arafaat. Without offering Maghrib prayer after sunset you have to move to Muzdalifah. As soon as you reach it you should offer both Mahrib and Isha. for both the prayers there is one call of prayer and one takbeer. Now you could rest for a while because the next morning on the 10th of Dhul Hijja you have to move back to Mina. The pilgrims need to collect 49 stones (70 if you plan on staying until the 13th Dhul Hijja) of the size of peas that will be used to hit Jumrat in Mina.

As mentioned above you have to move back to Mina after offering Fajr prayer. When you reach Mina the first task you have to perform is to hit the JamratKabira the Biggest Satan. You have to hit seven stones to the largest pillar which is constructed to identify the location. Do not use a pebble from the ground to hit Satan. Elderly people can perform this ritual at night or they can assign someone else to perform in their place. If they assign someone else the duty to hit Satan then they have to sacrifice a goat, sheep or a cow within the boundaries of Makkah.

You need to hold the pebble with thumb and forefinger and recite:

The second task is to make an animal sacrifice in the name of Allah.  The people who are performing Hajj Qiran and Hajj Tamattu are bound to sacrifice an animal on this occasion. While the people who are performing Hajj Ifraad are not bound to do so. It is mustahib for the people performing Hajj Ifraad. That means that if they have the ability to afford it then they can perform the sacrifice.
After this the third task is to shave off the head. Men are bound to completely shave the head while women could cut a part of their hair. This is the third task of hajj. After this the boundaries of Ehram are finished. The only thing that is prohibited is the relationship between husband and wife.
The fourth part of the hajj is the Tawaf-e-Ziyarat. This is one of the most important part of hajj and without performing the Tawaf your Hajj is not complete. After the Tawaf you have to make sure that you perform the Sayee of Safa & Marwa. After completing all the rituals you need to move back to Mina. It is Sunnah to stay in Mina and you need to pray for forgiveness while your stay in Mina.

On the fourth day of Hajj there is only one obligation and that is to hit the Satan. On this day after noon you need to hit all three Satan. You should start from the smallest Satan and move to the biggest. You should hit seven stones to each of the Satan. Do not pick up the stones from the floor to hit Satan and try to collect some extra stones from Mina. While hitting the Satan you have to follow the method that was told before by holding the stone in the thumb and the index finger. Now while hitting Satan recite the following prayer.

On the fifith day of Hajj you have to perform the same rituals as you did on the fourth day. You have to hit Satan after noon and move ahead in the same order. Now only your AlwidayiTawaf is left and you should perform this Tawaf before coming back to your country.

Since now all the Fardh and Wajibah are complete you have the option to move out of Mina back to Makkah to the place where you were staying before. You can even stay back in Mina.

Those people who stayed back till dawn in Mina after the 12th Dhul Hijjah then they are bound to hit pebbles to Satan on 13th Dhul Hijjah as well.

Before departing from Makkah you are bound to perform a Tawaf which will be your last Tawaf and it is known as Tawaf-e-Wida. It is a must Tawaf but women can skip it because of mensuration. Those who did not go to Madinah before Hajj will go to Madinah while the others will come back to their homelands. This tawaf is performed in the same way as Nafli Tawaf.

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