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Hajj & Umrah Visa


Guidance on Visa Applications


1. Hajj Visas can ONLY be acquired by MOHAU (Ministry of Hajj & Umrah) approved UK Agents

2. Passports should be valid for at least 6 months

3. A Meningitis immunisation certificate must be submitted with the visa application

4. All females must be accompanied by a Mahrem i.e. husband, father, son, uncle, brother or nephew. The accompanying mahram must be at least 17 years old.

5. Hajj visas are granted by the Saudi Government free of charge.

6. The approved travel agent (UK) and National Tawafa office (KSA) will have administrative costs in applying for and obtaining a Hajj/Umrah visa.

7. You can view a list of Ministry of Hajj & Umrah approved travel agents for both Hajj and Umrah here.

8. All Non UK passports holders must have permanent residency in the UK.

9. The Ministry would like to emphasize to all pilgrims the importance of having an official written contract, signed by both the Hajj organiser and the pilgrim, that clearly states the relationship between the two parties including the rights and duties of each party, the grade of service to be provided, the grade of accommodation arranged in Makkah, Madinah and the holy sites and any other details which the two parties have agreed upon.

Hajj & Umrah visa restrictions for travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Pilgrims traveling with Hajj Visa should note the following conditions:

• As per Saudi Government Policies, HAJJ Visa Holders can Enter or Depart from Jeddah (King Abdulaziz International Airport – KAIA) or Madinah (Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport at Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah) airports only.

• Hajj visa holders will Enter & Depart from Hajj Terminal (not the regular SV Terminal)

During the official Hajj Period, Muslim Passengers holding Visit or Business visas are not allowed to arrive at Jeddah or Madinah airports. However, they can enter via King Khaled International Airport or King Fahd International Airport.
Non-Muslim passengers holding Visit or Business visas are permitted to travel via any airport in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the Hajj Period.
Hajj Passengers will not be accepted for boarding to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the last date of entry set by the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah

Source: Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – United Kingdom


  • Saudi Arabia e-visas are available to nationals of 49 countries including the UK (you can find eligible countries here)
  • E-visas are valid for multiple entries over the course of one year
  • You can stay up to 90 consecutive days, and up to a total of 180 days in a year
  • The entire e-visa, including mandatory medical insurance, will cost you 463.44SAR, which is approx £100.00 (Feb 2020)
  • Can perform Umrah (Must be a Muslim) 

Apply for the eVisa Online via the official Saudi Tourism Website:


  1. If you are a seasoned Umrah traveller, and know what you are doing, then the DIY option of booking your own hotel, flights, transportation and applying for a Saudi Tourist eVisa would be the preferred option for you.
  2. If however, you wish to take away the hassle of travel arrangements, then consider booking with a Licensed Umrah agent who will be able to offer you a tailor-made Umrah package based on your needs or a guided tour with a group.  (NOTE: Always check the company has a valid ATOL (Air Travel Organisers License) and a  valid contract with a Saudi Umrah Company that is authorised by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj or a reputable sub-agent who can confirm the same).  

The information provided is correct at the time of publication and may be subject to change.  It is provided as a guide only.  You are advised to carry out your own checks.