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Using the CBHUK Logo

Using the CBHUK Logo

Please Read – Important Information

You may use the CBHUK logo or name in your company’s advertising, literature and websites solely in connection with the marketing and resale of CBHUK branded products. However, any use of the CBHUK logo or name must be carried out in accordance with the rules specified in this document and pursuant to the restrictions and limitations in the Agreement for Use of Logo/Name. The following restrictions apply to any use of the CBHUK logo and name:

  • The CBHUK logo may NOT be used on business cards, badges, clothing, hats or any type of apparel, or physical displays such as shop/office signs or vehicle emblems, or any object or product typically used in connection with company identification. Any exceptions must be approved by CBHUK in writing.


  • The CBHUK name shall NOT be used (a) in any automatic telephone dialling system or an artificial or pre-recorded voice advertising or solicitation effort, (b) in any telephone solicitation (automatic or in person) to any residence, person or telephone number or your company’s specific do not call list, or to any wireless telephone number that you are restricted from calling by applicable English law. Requests to remove a telephone number or email address from your company’s marketing campaigns (including but not limited to any telemarketing, email, text, or fax campaigns) shall be immediately followed. Your use of CBHUK’s name in any form for any telephonic, SMS, email, facsimile or other telemarketing campaign shall be in accordance with applicable English law, with which you are obligated to identify and confirm full compliance. You must keep accurate records of all contact transmissions and compliance. To the extent you purchase contact lists from a third party, you are required to verify that your use of the contact lists comply with applicable law, including telemarketing advisory opinions issued by OFCOM on lawful use of website lead generation lists (e.g., the lead generator clearly and conspicuously discloses to the consumer, before the consumer provides a telephone number, that the consumer may receive telemarketing calls in response to submitting her telephone number, the maximum number of entities from which the consumer may receive these calls, and if possible the identifies of the entities that will call the consumer). You shall make all records available to CBHUK or its designee upon request. You, and not CBHUK, are solely responsible for ensuring that your contact practices are in accordance with all applicable laws. These logo restrictions are in no way substitute for legal advice.


  • The CBHUK logo shall only be used with the words “Official Partner” and may never be used standing alone


  • No person associated or affiliated with your company may make any representation, whether verbal, written or otherwise, that they are a CBHUK employee or are an agent of CBHUK or that your company has any official association or affiliation with CBHUK. Neither the CBHUK name nor logo may be used in any manner that would imply or leave the impression that anyone associated or affiliated with your company is an employee or an agent of CBHUK. The CBHUK logo or name may not be used in any manner that would be likely to confuse any third party as to the nature of your affiliation with CBHUK, which at all times is that of an independent contractor. You shall clearly state and display the name of your business and provide appropriate contact information in any medium where you use the CBHUK name or logo.


  • The CBHUK name and logo shall not be used in any manner that violates English law.

The CBHUK logo and name shall only be used with the words “Official Partner” and  may never be used standing alone and may never be used in any URL, internet domain name, telephone caller identification or email address.

CBHUK Logo Graphic Usage Requirements

Following the instructions below, you may register to use the CBHUK logo by emailing . By agreeing to the terms and conditions and downloading the graphic file of the logo, you will be able to utilise the CBHUK logo in your sales and marketing materials if you comply with the usage requirements outlined in this document. Please use the original versions of the logo and ONLY use a CBHUK logo with the “Offical Partner”, “The Hajj Awards” Wreath applicable to your winning title or “CBHUK Verified” Logo. Do not alter the logo in any way, combine it with other graphic elements, add a drop shadow, or place it on a patterned background.

A clear zone, known as the control field, must always surround the freestanding logo. The size of the control field is determined by a measure equal to 3/4 of the horizontal “H.” No graphic elements of any kind should intrude onto this field.  The logo must never appear smaller than 150 pixels horizontally for digital usage or 1.50 inches for print.

The preferred color for the CBHUK logo is Black, Grey and Lime Green. Use only PMS 368C for printing / C49 M1 Y99 K0, and hexidecimal color code #8ec63e for use on the web. Only use black or white when color printing is not available.

In body copy or text, do not use the CBHUK  logo. Portray the word CBHUK in the same font as your body copy/text.

When the CBHUK logo or a CBHUK badge, The Hajj Awards Wreath or CBHUK Verified Tick Logo is to be represented with another dealer/partner or business logo, a 1 pt black rule is to be placed as shown.