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5th July 2022 at 8:00 pm

Preparing you for Hajj 2022

Preparing you for Hajj 2022

Organised by the Multi-Award Winning Charity: CBHUK

Delivered in English by:

Shaykh Yunus Dudhwala (London, United Kingdom)

…Enriching & Enhancing the Pilgrims Experience.

This webinar is for those who are currently in Makkah and those who are set to travel out to Hajj.

The webinar will cover the 5 days of Hajj and will be taught according to the Hanafi school and in accoradcne with Sunnah.

We will be joined by Dr Mufti Asmar Akbar who will be answering your Hajj Questions which you can send in advance via



This Webinar is for all the family and anyone interested in learning about the 5th pillar of Islam.  

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