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Hundreds of questions come through our desks every week. Here we have listed a few of the most common ones. All your questions are answered by experts within that field and verified from numerous sources.


Ihram is a state that you are in once the conditions are met. It is also refered to the clothing that is worn when you are in the “state of Ihram”

When you’re in ihram, men can only wear 2 white, un-stitched sheets…nothing else. Men can’t cover their heads, There are difference of opinions on the type of footwear you can wear. Women can wear whatever they want, but they can’t cover their faces or hands.

Dress light, it’s really hot in Mecca. Try to blend in and wear cultural clothing too. If you don’t have any, just buy some thobes/abbayas when you get there, they’re super cheap. You’ll be really comfortable and you won’t stand out in a crowd, desert gear is actually perfect for…well, the desert. You’ll never be more comfortable then you will be in the local dress.

Bring a tote bag, or some sort of small, light bag you can easily and comfortably carry at all times. You can keep your footwear in it when you go to the masjid, to keep them with you. Carry a few of your essentials with you this way, sometimes it can be a while before you can get back to your room. Maybe pack a light snack, a journal, a pocket Qur’an, etc. When you pray, just keep it on the ground in front of you. When you make tawaf, wear it on your chest instead of your back. Pretty easy.

You won’t have to worry about passports. The Hajj Ministry collects those when you arrive in the country (yes, that’s right). They return them to you, miraculously, before you leave to return home. For your cash, it’d be safer to carry it on you, you can get like a money belt to wear around your waist. I used to also keep essential Hajj guide printouts and du’a lists, along with my Hajj IDs in there, so it can be really handy.

This is crucial. Go to the store, find some sandals or flip flops that you are comfortable with and buy at least 2 pairs of them. It may be harder to find comfortable shoes when you’re there, so go equipped. Multiple pairs are good, you may have your shoes stolen or just plain misplaced, so it’s good to have a backup pair. For when you’re not in ihram, bring something you’d be comfortable walking in (for miles and miles!)

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