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Sophisticated diagnosis of viruses during Hajj

Riyadh, Dhu Al-Hijjah 01, 1431

The Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabiah has announced that during Hajj season this year and for the first time in the Middle East, advanced services in the field of diagnosis and treatment of pilgrims will be introduced by using a device for laboratory examination that diagnoses 10,000 viruses, defines all kinds of microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites), clarifies the division of the viral genes and identifies their different patterns using the broad spectrum of the organs of polymerase chain reaction quickly and accurately without the need for the work of any laboratory breeding.
He noted that 135 consultants in various rare specialties have been called in for participation in the provision of specialized medical services to pilgrims and operating units around the clock.
On the other hand, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Planning and Development and Chairman of Hajj committees Dr. Mohammed Khoshaim said that development of the medical project in the holy sites costs SR 180 million.

Source: SPA