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L-R, Mr Yasin Ahmed and Rashid Mogradia recieving the award.

Leading UK Hajj Charity wins at British Muslim Awards 2019

Winners for the 7th British Muslim Awards, have been announced after a lavish, black-tie ceremony was held on 19th February 2019 at the Bradford Hotel in central Bradford, England.

The awards ceremony aims to recognise various achievements from the entire British Muslim community in all aspects of society including business, charity, sport, arts and culture.

The evening showcased and celebrated the finalists’ sheer determination and hard work alongside the personal and commercial achievements of individuals and organisations whose work often goes unrecognised.

The Council of British Hajjis (CBHUK), a Bolton based charity won the “Social Inclusion Group of the year” 2019

Rashid Mogradia, Founder & CEO of CBHUK receiving the award said:

 “We are truly honoured to be recognised amongst the best of British Muslim organisations and delighted to win this prestigious award for the 2nd year running.  Our thanks and appreciation goes out to everyone who nominated and voted for us, and a special thanks and appreciation goes out to out selfless volunteers who make it happen. 

Hajj is a real example of how over 2 million people from over 150 countries and different walks of life descend on the holy city of Makkah for pilgrimage, creating a hub for social integration and learning, something which they can then take back to their own communities and deliver a message of social cohesion and peace”.



  • CBHUK is the leading national charity working for the welfare of British Muslims who go to Hajj & Umrah for over a decade.
  • CBHUK is the Secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hajj & Umrah
  • It is a Travel Aware partner with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and works with City of London Police to tackle Hajj Travel Fraud.
  • CBHUK pioneered the first community based Hajj & Umrah Vaccination clinics in the UK, making travel vaccines accessible and affordable. It regularly holds Hajj & Umrah Travel Advice and Vaccination Clinics in towns and cities in the UK.
  • Hajj is the 5th and final pillar of Islam, and one which every mature male and female, sane and financially able male and female must perform at least once in their lifetime.
  • In 2018, British Hajj pilgrims were over 26,000 a rise from 19,000 in 2016 and Umrah pilgrims were up from 75,000 to just over 102,000 in the same period.
  • List of British Muslim Award winners 2019 can be found here:

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