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USI Money’s First Sharia Compliant Pilgrim Prepaid MasterCard® Joint Awareness Campaign with CBHUK!


August 2014 pilgrim card teaser

Central London based financial services firm, Universal Securities and Investments Limited, through its trading arm, USI Money, initiates a joint awareness campaign with The Council of British Hajjis (CBHUK), a non-profitable charitable organisation working for the welfare of British Hajj and Umrah pilgrims, for its Sharia compliant Hajj and Umrah Pilgrim Card, in association with MasterCard.

Rashid Mogradia, the CEO of the Council of British Hajjis said:

“Taking cash when travelling overseas always carries a risk and sadly over the years we have heard numerous horror stories of innocent pilgrims losing hundreds of pounds due to theft and fraud or simply by inadvertently losing their bags and wallets. We firmly believe the USI Money Pilgrim Prepaid MasterCard offers a safe and secure way for travellers to take money abroad whilst having ease of access whenever and where ever they want it.  The card is also PIN protected, so even if it is lost or stolen, it can easily be replaced locally.”


Mohammed Qureshi, the spokesman of USI Money commented:

“We are very proud and humbled by this opportunity to service the pilgrims who make these spiritual journeys. Emphasis has been placed on the security aspect of the cards and the benefits one can derive from it, not just in Saudi Arabia, but worldwide. You can continue using it overseas and upon return to the UK for your everyday purchases for personal or business uses. There is a growing trend in the UK where consumers are leaning more and more towards a cashless society.  The USI Money Pilgrim Prepaid MasterCard is just one of a handful of product lines we have on offer for both our clients’ business and personal requirements and needs in the Middle East region. ”

“We firmly believe this specific product will offset elements of fraud and theft that unfortunately takes place around us, as the pilgrims will be able to spend during Hajj and Umrah securely knowing that their funds are safe with this card. The risk of losing monies overseas is greatly mitigated. It is still imperative that the pilgrims continue to take all the necessary steps to protect their assets especially in the light of the recent bad publicity surrounding unscrupulous operators. This prepaid card keeps fund secure and separate from any bank account”


The UK is home to over 2.7 million Muslims and an estimated 20,000 pilgrims annually travel from these shores for Hajj alone and as much as 60,000 for Umrah, to the Islamic holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, in Saudi Arabia.



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