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The CBH goes mainstream at the GPU Hajj & islamic Expo 23rd-24th oct 2010

The CBH proud to support the Hajj & Islamic Tourism Exhibition

United Kingdom, 20th October, 2010

The Global Peace & Unity Event is delighted to present the first Hajj & Islamic Tourism Exhibition at this year’s event, organised by the Hajj People and supported by a leading Hajj & Umrah charity – the Council of British Hajjis.

Mohsin Tutla from the Hajj People who has organised the Hajj & Islamic tourism Exhibition said “The exhibition is a great opportunity for ambitious companies to directly connect with the Hajj & Islamic Tourism market. Dedicated to those that make the Hajj & Umrah pilgrimage happen during the calendar year, from the Airlines, Travel Agencies, Tourism boards, Embassies and other Organisations, an opportunity is offered to cultivate consumer relationships as well as business to business contacts. We are extremely honoured to have the support of the Council of British Hajjis”

Rashid Mogradia, from the CBH said “We are proud to be supporting and exhibiting at the GPU Hajj Exhibition. It is an excellent medium for us to deliver essential pre-travel tips and health & safety advice for travellers and capture a wider audience. In addition, educating the pilgrims on what to do when booking a pilgrimage and generally raising awareness on Hajj & Umrah is in line with the Saudi Hajj Ministry’s requirement for pilgrims to be in the know and have been given such training, ultimately resulting in a positive Hajj experience.  This is surely an event not to be missed”.
The timing of the exhibition comes as around 25,000 British citizen’s gear up to make the journey of a lifetime to Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This year the Foreign Office will not be sending a medical team out to assist the pilgrims, this exhibition aims to deliver the message on what to do in case of a medical emergency and additionally in showcasing the 5th pillar of Islam – the Hajj and the growing Islamic Tourism Market.

In its’ 5th year running, the Global Peace and Unity Event is officially the largest multicultural gathering of its kind in the Western world, attracting over 50,000 people over two days. It provides unrivalled opportunities for exposure on a scale that is comparable to mainstream television and newspaper advertising without the mainstream price tag. This exciting event invites all parties to take part in providing a social, educational and commercial experience to the 50,000+ visitors attending GPU 2010.

The Hilton Hotel, Saudi Airlines, Al-Hidaayah, Travel Express and Road to Makkah, are just some of the names at this years show. To exhibit or for further info call: 0208 558 1069 or visit . For tickets to the GPU goto: and for up to date Hajj info visit .