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1,600 Makkah youths serve Umrah pilgrims

JEDDAH – Over 1,600 Makkah youths will serve visitors and Umrah pilgrims this year as part of the “Makkah Youths at Your Service” program. The program, which is part of the Project for Respecting the Sanctity of Makkah, serves visitors to the Grand Mosque and those coming to Makkah to perform Umrah rites during Ramadan.

The project in cooperation with five official bodies carries out a number of activities to serve Umrah pilgrims, such as serving those performing Tawaf by providing them with wheelchairs free of charge, guiding lost persons, organizing traffic, providing first aid and creating awareness. The Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, Makkah Police, Makkah Traffic Department, the First Aid Unit and the Ministry of Haj are participating in the program by conducting workshops and assisting the youths in providing services to Umrah pilgrims. Dr. Talal Abunnoor, Supervisor General of the Project for Respecting the Sanctity of Makkah, said, “The programs provided by “Makkah Youths at Your Service” are in the first place charitable acts meant to provide free services that help Umrah pilgrims perform their rites.

These activities reflect the nature of this country’s youths and their love for the guests of Allah. At the same time, the program aims to instill the culture of respecting the sanctity of%2

via Saudi Gazette – 1,600 Makkah youths serve Umrah pilgrims.
5th August, 2011