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Clarification on Hajj 2020 following a viral video

A video of the Saudi Ambassador to Senegal has been circulating through social media channels 24th March 2020, with people making their own commentary and conclusion about it.

We can confirm that no announcement has yet been made in regards to Hajj 2020 and as always we advise you to follow the official news channels and announcements from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah.

In his address to the Senegal Community, the Saudi Ambassador to Senegal said:

“The Kingdom has not yet issued any instructions regarding Hajj nor have they canceled Hajj. However they have issued instructions for Hajj Missions & Companies not to enter into New contracts until further instructions are given by the relevant Saudi Authorities.”


We have removed the original video to limit any further confusion.

List of Official News Channels for Hajj & Umrah can be found in our earlier post here.