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Hajj 2022 Survey

Hajj 2022 Survey

This year the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah implemented the Motawif Portal. An online portal to accomodate pilgrims from the UK, Europe, USA and Austrailia.

Now that Hajj has come to an end for 2022, we have produced surveys to collect data and personal experiences of the new system.

These surveys will form the basis of our data reports and analysis of the experience of the Hujaj via the Motawif Portal and will be presented to industry stakeholders and government officials at home and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All personal data collected is for the purpose of this survey and will not be identifiable on any reports that may be produced.

This survey is for everyone that have performed Hajj this year. (Opens in new window)

This survey is for people who had paid for their packages but “Booking Failed” AND were NOT able to perform Hajj this year. (Opens in new window)

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