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Hajj Package Comparison 2017

Selecting your Hajj Tour Operator has just become easier

Looking for a Hajj package can be a daunting task especially when there are now over 90 Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah licensed Hajj operators. However, there is some good news courtesy of @IslamBedford who has gone through the trouble to list as many packages currently available on the market (the list is not conclusive, but gives you a decent list of operators and their offerings).

Download & View the Hajj package comparison file here

Thank you to Br Abdul Kahhar for signposting this to us and @IslamBedford for compiling the list.  May the Almighty reward you both.


Please note: CBHUK does not endorse any agents and advises you to carry out your own research, nor does is verify the accuracy of content provided by 3rd party outside of this and its associated websites.

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Please also visit our new website which lists only Licensed Tour Operators are listed.