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Makkawis on a mission to serve pilgrims

MAKKAH: Every year many Makkah residents embark on a mission to provide iftar meals to help pilgrims break their fast around the Grand Mosque. The locals inherited this tradition from their parents and grandparents.

Haydar Amoun, a 56-year-old Makkah resident, said every Ramadan he gathers his sons and grandsons to serve iftar meals to the poor and pilgrims.
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He takes them hours before iftar so they can set up in poor neighborhoods. His iftar meal consists of an orange, banana, biscuits, dates and water.

“We have a budget for this. We start collecting for it months before Ramadan. We seek nothing but reward from God. We target the poor areas and distribute food among the poor and needy. Anything extra we distribute to worshipers on their way to the Grand Mosque.”