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Partnership working between NZF & CBHUK – The 3rd pillar in partnership with the 5th!

CBHUK announces its partnership with the UK’s leading Zakat charity – the National Zakat Foundation.  

This is where the 3rd pillar meets the 5th!

Iqbal Nasim, Chief Executive Officer at NZF Said:

“NZF is pleased to announce its partnership with The Council of British Hajjis.  As pilgrims prepare to undertake their fifth pillar it is important that they understand and are up to date with their third pillar. This partnership will allow pilgrims to be educated about Zakat so they can fulfil this obligation accurately and make up for any missed Zakat prior to departing for Hajj”.

Rashid Mogradia, CEO for CBHUK said:

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with National Zakat Foundation as the UK’s leading Zakat charity.   As pilgrims prepare for Hajj it is important that they understand and fulfil their Zakat.  This partnership will allow us to educate the pilgrims and raise awareness of this third pillar of Islam together prior to departure and encourage missed Zakat to be paid prior to departure”.  

A series of educational & training Hajj seminars will be taking place ahead of Hajj in July 2017.  To register for your FREE ticket visit