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Psychology of Hajj, Hajji and Family Seminar Held in Medina

Prophets Mosque, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Prophets Mosque, Medina, Saudi Arabia

An educational seminar on the “Psychology of Hajj, Hajji and Family” was held in the holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia.

 The seminar was attended by women pilgrims listening to Gholam Ali Afruz, professor of psychology at Tehran University, speaking at the ceremony.

 Referring to the prophets’ main mission as training man, he defined training as “leading the trainees from deficiencies towards the highest level of perfection, as reducing the distance between man’s potential and actual capabilities, and as helping man’s true essence bloom in the best way.”

 “All religious teachings are aimed at man’s full growth and prosperity,” he went on to say, adding that saying the prayers is the best response to man’s most important need, i.e. the need for self-actualization and moving towards perfection.”

 “Fasting is equally influential in purifying man’s soul from the darkness of vices and helping him distance from the monotony of a habitual life during the holy month of Ramadan.”

 Dr. Afruz also referred to the ceremony of Hajj as another great opportunity for man that can purge him of all character flaws, introducing him as a real pilgrim (hajji).

 “One who fulfills the ceremony of Hajj will learn to get away from egotism and care more about others, refraining from indolence and intolerance; he/she will then be more patient with life’s challenges and try to live a calm, virtuous life with his/her spouse and family.”

 “Such a person is expected to behave as a role model of all virtues among his/her family and relatives, so that he/she can get closer to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and makes his/her heart as pure as the House of God, Ka’bah,” he further remarked.

Source: Ahlul Bayt News Agency