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Saudi folk dancers perform in British Consulate event

British consul general Mohammed Shokat (3rd from left) and British community in Jeddah celebrated the diamond jubilee. (AN)

Saudi folk singers and dancers from the group Bahara performed at the British consulate premises on Friday to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. British Consul General Mohammed Shokat was present.

A family fun day with different stalls, food items, games, BBQ and screenings of the Jubilee celebrations in London, a play “Roses and Crown” by “Run way players” and other fun activities was organized by the British Consulate in Jeddah to celebrate the queen’s diamond jubilee.

The group presented a memorable song “My best wishes and regards to the Queen Elizabeth” in Hijazi style. The group’s dancers performed to this number and the consul general and other British community members too joined in with zeal. “We are very grateful that the Bahara group was part of Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee celebrations in Jeddah, and we are happy that the group to congratulate the queen had prepared special songs and folk dances. “It is a proud moment for us that the British consul general and community members are dancing and enjoying Saudi folklore today on this special occasion,” said Ibrahim Awad Aljilani the Saudi organizer of folk dances. Shokat welcomed and thanked all visitors and participants.

He said Queen Elizabeth is a source of sustainability and unity for the nation and the Commonwealth for the last 60-years. “The dignity with which she undertakes all the responsibilities, have been evident for the last 60 years,” he said. He also praised the reign of the queen, which included 12 prime ministers, provided royal assent to more than 3,500 acts of Parliament, conferred over 400,000 honors, answered 3.5 million items of correspondence. He also said that he is immensely grateful to the Saudi folklore group for participating in the event, as Saudi Arabia is a brotherly kingdom.

The relations between the two countries remain strong in the areas of economic cooperation, trade investment, energy, security, defense, education and culture. Over the past years Jeddah hosted a number of trade missions and introduced many United Kingdom companies to here.

Source: Arab News
Jeddah: Fouzia Khan,
Saturday 9 June 2012