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Watch for signals at the gates, visitors to Grand Mosque told

JEDDAH: A top Grand Mosque official has appealed to pilgrims and visitors to the mosque to check the signals at the gates before they enter.

“Green lights mean there are empty places inside the mosque while red lights signify that all spaces have been occupied,” Talal Al-Thaqfi, the director in charge of the mosque’s gates, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Al-Thaqfi also warned worshipers against attempting to enter the mosque right after the end of an obligatory prayer as large numbers of people would be rushing out at that time.

He said 926 guards would keep open during Ramadan the 176 doors of the mosque, including those leading to the basement and top floor.

The 18 gates equipped for the entry of worshippers with disabilities include the King Abdul Aziz, New Ajyad, Hunain and Safa gates in addition to Arqam and Marwah escalators.

He warned pilgrims against entering the mosque with their baggage.

The official said no one was allowed to enter the mosque with food, cans and bottles with or without water. He said pilgrims should keep their baggage in lockers in the courtyards of the mosque.

Watch for signals at the gates, visitors to Grand Mosque told – Arab News.