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Press Release: e-Petition Seeks Support from Government to tackle Unscrupulous Hajj Tour Operators

e-Petition Seeks Support from Government to tackle Unscrupulous Hajj Tour Operators

19thMarch, 2011 London, UK

The Council of British Hajjis (CBHUK) has renewed it’s plea with the Government to extend support to British citizens performing the Hajj. Over the last few months, the council has been inundated with complaints from pilgrims who have been duped out of paying for pilgrimage packages which fell short of what they actually got.

This follows a similar call by the consumer watchdogs in Birmingham seeking the government to supports its’ fight against rogue travel agents who rip people off by selling them pilgrimage packages to Saudi Arabia which did not exist.

Only last week Slough Borough Council successfully prosecuted a man who charged pilgrims £2500 per person but failed to obtain the necessary Hajj visas in time and ended up outsourcing the trip to Hijaz Travel in Ilford for £2,100 per person.

Rashid Mogradia, CEO at CBHUK said “We have launched an e-petition calling the government to support British nationals who go for Hajj and addressing the issues of unscrupulous tour operators, it is time the public got behind the campaign so that we can start to sort this mess out.It is clear the problem exists as recent prosecutions in Birmingham and Slough and the numbers of cases reported to us are on the rise”.

CBHUK is working closely with statutory bodies to bring justice to the hundreds of people who fall foul each year to un-regulated companies and advises anyone wishing to book a pilgrimage to do so with tour operators who are approved by the Ministry of Hajj and have an Air Travel Operators License (ATOL) for total peace of mind. They are urging the community to support its’ campaign by signing the e-petition at for victims who have experienced Hajj or Umrahfraud or know anyone who has to report it this online and in confidence at


Notes to Editors

  • The Council of British Hajjis (CBHHUK) is a national registered charity (no. 11463233) working at grass roots for the welfare of British pilgrims and overseas travellers.
  • It is the only Hajj & Umrah specific organisation who is the official partner of the Foreign & Commonwealth Offices’ “Know Before You Go Campaign” on delivering travel advice into communities.
  • CBHUK is working with the City of London Police to address Hajj fraud nationally and will be holding a series of seminars and workshops to deliver advice on prevention of how not to fall victim to unscrupulous tour operators.
  • CBHUK recently launched a travel vaccination on campaign at the World Hajj & Umrah Convent ion which was held at the prestigious British Museum and delivering clinics in towns and cities across the UK.
  • For further information, visit For Media enquiries, please call 08845 833 4145 or email

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