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Health Advice for Hajj 2019

Health Advice for Hajj 2019

Visit Your Doctor
Visit your Doctor (GP) early if you have any health issues as they are best placed to assess your requirements.

Make sure your jabs are all up to date. Meningitis ACWY vaccination & certificate is a mandatory requirement for British pilgrims visiting Saudia Arabia for Hajj & Umrah

If you take regular medication, check with your Doctor for availability whilst in Saudi Arabia and take extra supply in case of delays. Some drugs are banned in KSA, so check before travel and take a doctors letter with you.

Access to Healthcare and Medication is FREE for Hajj & Umrah pilgrims in Saudi Arabia at Saudi Ministry of Health Clinics & Hospitals. Private Health Centres will charge.

Hajj Safety Awareness Campaign 2019 is bought to you by CBHUK and Licensed Hajj Organisers (LHO).