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Mobily unveils special Hajj application for iPhone users

Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) announced the launch of Al Hajj Application to guide pilgrims on how to perform the Haj rituals using their iphone devices, in a step to enrich the Islamic and Arabic applications and software on internet.

Mobily Al Hajj Application aims to serve pilgrims with handy instructions on all the ritual giving pilgrims supplications and day-to-day information on each ritual site during Hajj that starts from the to the last day of the pilgrimage supported with detailed maps for the holy sites.

Besides instructions, the Mobily Haj Application also contains verses from the Holy Qur’an and Ahadiths of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

All iphone users can get the application through Apple store , by searching for ” Al Hajj” and then start downloading the application.

Al Hajj application is the fourth for Mobily on Apple store after ” Hasanaty, Ramadaniaty and Mobily App ” that were developed an launched by the company earlier.

“Mobily App” is a special application for the company costumers that enable them to review their bills (postpaid) and credits (prepaid), transfer credits to other users, and navigate to the nearest Mobily outlet in the Kingdom, to name a few of the numerous features.

Last October, launched a new project that aims to help developers build mobile applications and software that support Arabic content.

Mobily Developers Community is focused on encouraging developers, both professionals and hobbyists, as well as software companies, to unleash their talents and develop quality apps with valuable content for the different smart phone platforms.

Mobily will take on the task of publicizing and promoting developers’ apps to encourage them to produce the best apps, and will be posting the best applications under its own page on the Apple Store.

Source: ameinfo