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Hajj 2021: Update for British Pilgrims 24.05.2021

Hajj 2021 update

The Saudi Ministry of Health on Saturday 22nd May 2021 released a new document further detailing Hajj 2021 Health Protocols. This protocol builds on the one issued on the 21st March 2021.

A summary of the keypoints are highlighted below:

1. Hajj 2021 Covid Safe capacity has been determined at 60,000 pilgrims to be able to perform Hajj, of which 45,000 can be International Pilgrims. List of Approved Countries yet to be confirmed.

2. Pilgrims must be aged between 18 – 60 years of age.

3. Pilgrim must be fully vaccinated with approved Covid Vaccine (Astrazeneca, Pfizer or Moderna)

1st Jab MUST have been administered on or before 1st of Shawaal, (13 May 2021)

2nd Jab MUST be administered 14 days prior to arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Certified proofs of vaccination including dates of administration will be required.

4. Pilgrims must be in good health and not have no comorbidities & not have been hospitalised in the last 6 months prior to Hajj, certified proof will be required.

5. There are many other mandatory requirements including, Quarantine on arrival, Social Distancing, Face Masks etc.

Ministry of Hajj Statement

The Ministry of Hajj & Umrah has still not made an official statement regarding Hajj 2021 and their requirements.

The Ministry of Hajj last made a statement on 9th of May 2021 that Hajj is to be held this year with ‘special conditions’. No further statement has been made since, nor any further clarification on Terms & Conditions has been provided including which countries will be allowed to participate.

Things to take into Consideration

  1. The UK is still on the Saudi list of banned countries since 3rd Feb 2021.
  2. Saudi Arabia is on the UK Amber List of countries.
  3. The UK Government is currently advising against all but essential travel to Amber List countries.
  4. There is less than 7 weeks to travel for Hajj.
  5. Based on the information from the Saudi Ministry of Health and working from previous Hajj statistics, we anticipate up to 600 Pilgrims may be allowed to perform Hajj from the UK IF the UK is placed on the list of approved countries for Hajj 2021.
  6. The traditional methods of booking a Hajj package may not apply this year as logistically no groundwork has been performed by the Licensed Hajj Organisers of the UK due to the Saudi travel ban.

Our Advice

Please wait for official confirmation from the Saudi Ministry of Haj & Umrah which will be posted on our website and social media (Twitter, Facebook). Do not make any bookings or pay a deposit for a Hajj package.

Further reading & frequently asked questions:
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