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Kaaba Mataf Makkah September 2022 - Image Copyright of CBHUK

Saudi Bio App for Hajj 2023

Saudi Arabia launched the visa app for Hajj, Umrah pilgrims in UK in March 2022.   

The Saudi Visa Bio app allows applicants to register their biometric data prior to travel and saves them having to visit visa issuance centers. On arrival in the Kingdom, they will only have to match their data with the information stored on the app, which speeds up the border control process.


As part of the Hajj Visa process for 2023, UK pilgrims are required to download the Saudi Visa Bio App from either the App Store or Play Store and upload their biometrics before their Hajj Visa is issued. 

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Biometric Tips and Tricks

  1. Some cameras and phones will not allow adequate fingerprint images, after repeated attempts they may still not accept images.
  2. From previous and  recent experience everything that has worked 2nd time round:
    1. Try different camera/Device if the same one keeps failing images
    2. Newer Android devices have been most accurate so far e.g Google Pixel 6/7, Huawei, Samsung
    3. Newer Apple phones generate reflections and therefore render images inadequate- Increase resolution to 4K – this has worked.
    4. Moisturise finger tips for better contour reflection through the camera
    5. keep fingers as close to camera as possible
    6. Fingers kept together and move phone closer rather than further back. Once the marker turns GREEN image is registered
    7. Especially important for the elderly as their fingerprints aren’t as prominent.
    8. Background reflections and lighting will create inadequate images – try a dark or black background.
    9. Still struggling after repeated attempts? Delete the app, re-install and resubmit – this has been successful
  • DECLINED VISA APPLICATION: delete app, re-install and resubmit – will be fine at the 2nd attempt
  • APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW: give it some time- it will be confirmed soon, if NOT, they will decline the application and request you to try again
  • Scarred, amputated, disfigured finger digits and prints have managed to be uploaded after repeated attempts – please persist
  • Assist those who may be struggling. There are multiple parameters to consider in uploading and it can get overwhelming

This tips sheet was compiled by Sohail Hakim from Bolton and will be updated as and when we receive any further updates.

Shamim Ali