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1st Health & Safety Seminar – 2006

1st Health & Safety Seminar
Sunday 3rd December, 2006

Professor Rashid Gatrad and Doctor Mohammed Jiva were among the distinguished panel of medical experts who addressed the first “Health at Hajj” Seminar organised by the Council of British Hujjaj (Pilgrims) – (CBH) in association with the Bolton Council of Mosques (BCoM), at the Quebec Hall, Quebec Street, Bolton.

The seminar brought together experts to share information and offer effective and practical health advice and support to pilgrims. Rashid Mogradia co-Founder of CoBH said „there is still so much work to be done in educating pilgrims of the health risks whilst performing the Hajj, it is through education, information and seminars such as these that the pilgrims will become more risk conscience and be able to perform the rites of the Hajj more successfully and in good health, God willing”.

Imam Rashid Musa of Zakariyya Central Mosque, Bolton, highlighted the spiritual gains from performing the Hajj which is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and obligatory on all mature and able Muslims to perform once in their lifetime, and reflected on the need to look after ones health in order to perform a healthy Hajj.

Also addressing the audience was Lord Adam Patel, Head of the British Hajj Delegation to Saudi Arabia. After explaining the role of the Hajj delegation he advised that a group of 8 British doctors will be joining the delegation to assist British Hajis (Pilgrims) during the Hajj. Local MP, Dr Brian Iddon acknowledged the service provided by the FCO and congratulated the work of the CoBH, wishing it all the success.

The presentation by Prof. Rashid Gatrad, Consultant Pediatrician, Manor Hospital, Walsall, touched on the pre-requisites of vaccinations and self help advice to the pilgrims and the importance of maintaining good health before, during and after Hajj.

Dr Farzana Thagia and Dr Mohammed Jiva both noted the importance of remaining physically and mentally healthy for what is a demanding schedule and the positive impact of preparing in advance for the Hajj urged pilgrims to seek medical advice from their local GP’s prior to the “Journey of a Lifetime” – the Hajj.

The seminar comes as preparations begin for the next Hajj which will fall between 29 December 2006 and 3 January 2007. An estimated 20,000 British Muslims perform the Hajj each year, which will marked by the festival of Eid-Ul-Adha, in the UK this will be around 31st December, 2006. To register for future events being held by the CBH in your area and to get involved, please email: .