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Security forces in Grand Mosque to ensure safety for Umrah pilgrims

MAKKAH – The security forces are ready to maintain security, help Umrah pilgrims inside and outside the Grand Mosque and curb petty crimes like stealing and pickpocketing, according to Col. Yahya Musaad Al-Zahrani, Commander of the Grand Mosque Security Forces, in a report carried by Al-Madina Arabic newspaper.

“Several committees have been formed to prevent anyone from hogging and renting spots inside the Grand Mosque. A total of 757 cameras have been set up to monitor those who hog spots, pickpocket, steal and commit other violations. We will take the necessary measures against violators,” he said.

The main goal of the cameras is to keep a close eye on the movement of crowds and give directives to those in charge of managing the crowds inside the Grand Mosque, Al-Zahrani added.

“There will be female security staff responsible for organizing the movement of women, straightening their praying lines and frisking them at entrances and gates.”

Lt. Gen. Sa’eed Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Director of Public Security, has increased the number of security staff this year compared to previous years to manage the increasing numbers of visitors and Umrah pilgrims, Al-Zahrani said.

“We prepare a security plan each year based on field requirements. Male and female security staff are dispatched all over the squares of the Grand Mosque,” he said.

Al-Zahrani commended coordination efforts with other authorities to make Umrah performers feel secure during Ramadan. He called on all Muslims to cooperate with security staff and advised visitors not to form praying lines and block pathways around the Ka’ba.

Saudi Gazette