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Makkah Gate project launched

Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal laid the foundation stone yesterday for the western suburbs of the Makkah Gate project along the Jeddah-Makkah Expressway. Covering an area of 1.5 million sq. meters, it is the first project of Makkah Gate Company (MGC).

Makkah Mayor Osama Al-Bar, chairman of MGC, thanked Prince Khaled for laying the stone, saying it is the first brick of the Makkah Gate project and commended his efforts for the development of the holy city and other parts of Makkah province. “Makkah is expected to make unprecedented progress under your leadership,” Al-Bar told the governor, commending his efforts for the overall development of the province.

The Makkah Gate scheme is part of a comprehensive strategy to develop the region. “It is designed to accommodate 600,000 people and will be a natural extension of Makkah,” Al-Bar said. The scheme includes a university, medical centers, a national park and a comprehensive entertainment and educational complex in addition to cultural facilities, museums and heritage centers.

The public and private sectors will join hands to implement development projects according to a structural plan consisting of residential areas, public parks, mosques, service centers, entertainment and educational and health services. Abdullah Sirajuddin, CEO of Al-Balad Al-Amin Company, described Makkah Gate as one of the largest projects implemented by his organization, owned entirely by the Makkah Municipality. “We are also involved in building infrastructure and developing the underdeveloped areas of Makkah,” he said. Ayed Al-Qahtani, chairman of Sumo Real Estate Company, thanked Prince Khaled for launching this massive project for the development of Makkah. Essam Kulthoum, CEO of MGC, said his company would hand over residential units within three years after completing the project’s first phase.

MGC is an affiliate of the Al-Balad Al-Amin Company. The structural plan of the project covers a total area of 85 million sq. meters of which the parent company, Al-Balad Al-Amin, owns 60 million sq. meters. The area which will be developed starts about 31 km from the Grand Mosque and extends north from the old Jeddah-Makkah Road to Al-Laith Road in the south. It is bordered by the ring road (Al-Shumaisi) from the west. The Jeddah-Makkah Expressway and the Haramain Railway intersect the project from west to east.

About 80 percent of the area of the project is within the boundaries of the Haram. The company is implementing a strategic development project that will be completed in 15 years. Meanwhile, Prince Khaled received Khaled bin Obaid Dhafar, director general of health, after three hospitals in the province received quality certificates from the Joint Commission International (JCI), a US based accreditation body dedicated to improving health care quality and safety around the world. Its accreditation is an international gold standard for hospitals. The three hospitals are Ajyad General Hospital, Hera General Hospital in Makkah and King Abdul Aziz Hospital in Makkah.

Source: Arab News
Saturday 2 June 2012