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Prince Naif reviews Umrah and Hajj preparations

Prince Naif has said that the numbers of Umrah performers this year exceed 4 million so far, expecting the numbers to increase in the coming days of the blessed month of Ramadan and after it, pointing out that all matters are going ahead well; security is stable and well-established; and there are no problems facing Umrah performers or the Kingdom because of the large numbers of Umrah performers.

As for the projects being implemented in Makkah in preparation for Hajj season this year, Prince Naif said the Commission for Development of Makkah Province has made a great progress in the follow-up and implementation of projects related to Hajj , adding, ‘There are a royal approval and allocations for these projects that will make Makkah more organizational and access to the Holy Mosque in Makkah will be easier through various entry points to the city of Makkah and the elimination of informal settlements and building of appropriate housing for citizens. In the coming years, we will find this city, which concerns every Muslims, in a proper shape in all fields and services to citizens, residents and all people coming to the city from inside or outside the Kingdom, especially in Hajj and Umrah seasons”.

With regard to high prices, the Prince said that there are royal orders issued on this matter to the concerned authorities, especially the Ministry of Commerce, to control prices and prevent their exaggeration, also pointing to the support provided by the State for some foodstuffs, urging businessmen on adhering to reasonable prices and limited profitability, as well as non-exaggerated prices.

Source: Ministry of Hajj, SA