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SR2000 Umrah Fee Concession Announced Effective 2nd Dec 2016

CBHUK announces that the Saudi Visa Application Portal has reportedly been changed to allow one Umrah per Hijri calendar free without paying SR2000 fee.

This ruling comes into effect 2.12.2016.

Only travelers who had applied before 2.12.2016 or visit for the second time or more in the same Hijri year will be liable for the SR2000 fee.

Licensed Ministry of Hajj & Umrah agents have confirmed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) system has been amended. No official documents have been seen by CBHUK, and we rely on information from them.   

We welcome the amendment to the visa system and the concession, though must stress that the SR2000 has not been scrapped and no further information is available for repeat Hajj pilgrims at this moment.

MOFA fees will still have to be paid.  We encourage all pilgrims to purchase a package from licensed agents at all times.

There was a worldwide outcry when the fee was announced in September 2016.  The issue was raised at our recent Hajj Debrief Meeting in Parliament in November and presented to the representative from the Saudi Embassy in London.   We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Saudi Government for this concession which will make undertaking Umrah more affordable and allow many more people to undertake their journey of faith to the holy lands.