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HAJJ 2023: Update 23/5/23

Hajj 2023 Update: 23/5/23

We understand that people who are still trying to book Hajj packages on the Nusuk website are receiving the following message:

“The capacity for all packages has been fully booked. New seats may become available soon, please try again later.” or similar messages.

Nusuk have confirmed that the Hajj quota for the United Kingdom has now been filled.

However, if a booked UK pilgrim(s) cancels their booking, then spaces may open up and thus our advice is to keep checking the website periodically for updates.

Sale of Hajj Packages outside of Nusuk
Please exercise extreme caution to anyone offering Hajj packages outside the official Nusuk Hajj Portal or anyone claiming to be able to process payments on behalf of Nusuk.

Simple Checks to Make:

1) Check the company is registered with companies house

2) Check the ATOL registration matches the company name/trading name

3) Report the company to your local trading standards to investigate

4) To report Hajj-related fraud, contact Action Fraud online at or call 0300 123 2040. In Scotland, reports can be made by calling Police Scotland on 101. (Make sure to obtain a Crime Reference Number).

5) Be wary of emails pertaining to come from Nusuk demanding money or information on your booking. The official Nusuk support email is and the official Hajj Portal address is:

Remember if its too good to be true, it usually is!


Shamim Ali