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UK Hajj Companies urged to follow instructions from the Haj Ministry and remain transparent.

The following is an abstract of the interview of His Excellency, the Minister of Haj & Umrah with Al-Ekhbaria News Channel on Tuesday 31st March 2020.

1. The exceptional services provided to Umrah pilgrims nowadays and the results of the collaboration between all governmental agencies in the Kingdom.
2. We thank Allah for granting us the opportunity to serve Muslims all over the world.
3. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, we had a tour around the hotels used as quarantines to ensure that high-quality services are provided for Umrah pilgrims in Makkah.
4. Saudi Arabia provides full services for over 1200 pilgrims due to suspension of flights.
5. We thank all field workers from government and private sectors who served the Guests of Allah.
6. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia serves all Muslims and ensures the opportunity to make Tawaf around the Kaaba.
7. With the collaboration of government and private sectors, we facilitated the departure of over 68,000 pilgrims in less than 5 days.
8. King Salman’s order to provide free treatment to Citizens, resident and residency violators proves the Kingdom’s care everyone on its land.
9. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah ensured returning all the fees for Muslims issued Umrah visas but could not arrive due to the temporary suspension of Umrah.
10. All government agencies are collaborating to provide excellent services to Umrah pilgrims.
11. Saudi Arabia cares for the health of all Muslims coming to the Kingdom, therefore, we have asked fellow Muslims in all countries to wait before completing any Hajj contracts until the situation becomes clear.

Rashid Mogradia CEO of CBHUK said:
We thank His Excellency, the Minister of Hajj & Umrah Dr Muhammad Saleh Benten for the timely update and efforts made by his team at the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah in serving the guests of Almighty Allah and issuing refunds for those who could not complete the Umrah pilgrimage due the temporary suspension of the Umrah.
We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman for the care shown by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in protecting pilgrims, its citizens and the rest of the world from the Coronavirus Pandemic. We pray Allah protects the Holy Mosques, the people of KSA and rest of the world.

CBHUK is urging those Umrah companies who have yet to refund their customers to do so without any deductions and delay in line with Package Travel Regulations.

Whilst the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to exert all efforts to protect the health of all Muslims and issuing a guidance for Muslims in all countries to wait before completing their Hajj contracts (booking a Hajj package) until the situation with regards to the Coronavirus Pandemic becomes clear, we urge British Hajj Organisers to continue to be prudent and remain transparent with those who have already booked for Hajj,
offering them reassurances and instilling confidence that their Hajj bookings are financially protected by the Civil Aviation Authority’s ATOL scheme.


Watch the full video of the Ministers Interview here.