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FCO Advice for Hajjis – 2010

This year thousands of British Nationals will attend the Hajj. We hope that, like many thousands of Hajjis, you will have a trouble-free Hajj. However, if something does go wrong, the British Hajj Delegation, working with the British Consulate-General can provide you with a range of consular services. The information on this website can also be found on our Hajj leaflet which can be downloaded in English, Urdu, Bengali and Arabic.

The British Hajj delegation will be located at the Elaf Al Khalil Hotel (see Useful Contact Details below).
The Delegation can:

> provide information on how to transfer money
> arrange for replacement passports
> provide appropriate help if you are a victim of crime or are ill or in hospital
> do all we properly can to contact you within 24 hours of being told that you have been detained
> make special arrangements in case of civil disturbances or natural disasters
> provide contact details for local lawyers and hospitals
> arrange for a next of kin to be told of an accident or a death and advise on procedures

The Delegation cannot:

> become involved in private disagreements e.g. pilgrim and tour operator disputes
> rearrange travel bookings
> pay your hotel, legal, medical or travel bills
> get you out of prison
> give legal or medical advice
> intervene in court cases
> investigate a crime

•Travel within Saudi Arabia will be limited to Makkah, Madinah, Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah. If you choose to travel elsewhere your travel agent will need to inform the Tawafa Establishment giving at least 24 hours notice. Pilgrims travel by buses provided by the General Cars Syndicate, using coupons provided by the Tawafa Establishment.


•The Saudi Ministry of Health has now established 21 hospitals to provide health care to pilgrims free of charge.
•Make sure that you have been vaccinated with the quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine (ACWY).You will be required to produce a valid vaccination certificate.
•Consult your GP if you are in any doubt.
•For more information on health advice for travellers, visit

Travellers Checklist

•Check the FCO travel advice to make sure that you are up-to-date with the situation in Saudi Arabia at or call 0845 850 2829.
Check that you have the correct tickets and ticket details.
•Make sure that you book your tickets through an ATOL registered tour operator to avoid unnecessary difficulties. For more information please visit
Have contact details for your tour operator in the UK and their representatives in Makkah.
•Get travel insurance for all aspects of your journey. Shariah compliant insurance policies are available.
•Check that you have had the required vaccinations for your pilgrimage and that you have vaccination cards with you.
•Ensure that your passport is in good condition and the necessary visas are in place.
•Make copies of your passport, insurance policy plus emergency numbers and ticket details. Leave these copies, your itinerary and correct contact details with family and friends.
•Individuals on medication should make sure that they have adequate quantities to get them through the Hajj period. Existing medication should be clearly labelled for each individual.
•Ensure you have good quality footwear as you may have to walk long distances.

•Ensure all your luggage is clearly labelled by placing stickers both on the outside and inside of your luggage showing your name, nationality, passport number, air carrier, flight number, hotel name and a contact telephone number.
•Make sure you have the contact details of the Hajj Delegation and local consulate.
•Please note any kind of photography (still or video) is strictly prohibited inside and around the two Holy Mosques. Anybody violating this will have their equipment and material confiscated.

Useful contact details

Hajj Delegation 
Elaf Al Khalil Hotel
Ibrahim Al Khaleel Street
Al Misqalah
Behind the Hilton Towers
Tel: 02 573 2555
Fax: 02 573 2666

British Consulate-General, Jeddah:
Tel: 02 622 5550
Fax: 02 622 6249

Ministry of Hajj (Makkah):
02 530 8200
Ministry of Hajj (Jeddah):
02 647 7551

Emergencies in Saudi Arabia:
Ambulance 997
Police 999

Source: FCO