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Hajj & Umrah Roadshow, London 2007

Hajj & Umrah Roadshow, London
Saturday 7th July, 2007

Over 500 People attended the Council of British Haji’s supported Hajj and Umrah Roadshow 2007 at the London Muslim Centre. The day started off with a VIP and Press Opening.

Rashid Mogradia (the CBH) delivered the opening speech welcoming the tour operators, agencies and guests to the Roadshow. Reflecting on Hajj as the 5th Pillar of Islam, it was important that all those providing services to British Pilgrims, were clear cut about their intentions, in delivering their promises that they should not digress from their ultimate goal which was to Serve the Guests of the Almighty God (Allah).

It was clear the Mosques did an excellent job in educating pilgrims of their Religious obligations. However, just as important was educating Pilgrims of the health risks so that they became more risk conscious in performing a Healthy Hajj.

In attendance was Dr Shuja Shafi and Dr Osama Hassan who delivered Health awareness seminars to the public. The event was also attended by Jeff Porter (NHS), Rachel Bealey (DTi ) and Siddiqa Hassan (FCO).

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