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International Groups to manage Makkah hotels

Inter’l groups to manage Makkah hotels LONDON: The Jabal Omar Company for Development has signed a major agreement with three major international hotel groups for the management and operation of 12 of its 37 hotel towers close to the Grand Mosque in Makkah. The signing Tuesday took place in the

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Hajj & Umrah – Volunteer opportunity at the CBH

Want to be part of UK’s leading Hajj & Umrah support service? Want to help the guests of Almighty? Opportunities now available for healthcare professionals in the UK to help the Hajjis (pilgrims) for Hajj and Umrah. Following the huge success of our recent travel clinics, The Council of British

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Zam Zam Water is Safe

Zam Zam Water is Safe United Kingdom – Thursday 12th May 2011 The Council of British Hajjis (the CBH) would like to reassure pilgrims consuming the holy water Zam Zam is safe and to refute the recent BBC report claiming otherwise. A spokesperson for the CBH – a leading UK

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Holy cities vital for Saudi drive to boost tourist numbers

High demand makes government develop new projects in Makkah By Orlando Crowcroft, Business News Editor ( Dubai: It is not only the presence of Islam’s holiest site that makes Makkah a unique tourist destination. The city is amongst a handful of destinations in 2011 with the challenge of not having

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How Hajj transformed Malcolm X against Racism

How Hajj transformed Malcolm X against Racism Feb 21st, 2011 Today marks 46 years since human rights activist and icon Malcolm X was assassinated. The date also falls during North America’s Black History Month (February), but Malcolm X’s cultural relevance goes beyond just those of the African diaspora.   Here we

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