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Hajj travel firm boss jailed for 14 months for fraud

Hajj travel firm boss jailed for 14 months for fraud Original Press Release: Follow Up News Coverage: Press Release by The Council of British Hajjis (CBHUK) – 01.02.2017 We are delighted to learn of the successful prosecution of a Hajj travel firm which has resulted in custodial sentences of its

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UK Muslims fall victim to Hajj fraud

  Artcile by: Natasha Baker, Al Arabiya Published: Monday 30th September 2013 An estimated 20,000 British Muslims will travel to Saudi Arabia for Hajj in October, and UK authorities are concerned about the number of fraudulent packages on sale. The “Hajj Fraud Awareness Campaign,” a collaboration between the Council of

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Hajj 2013: latest advice

In October millions of Muslims will celebrate Hajj, with thousands of UK citizens planning to make the once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca. The event, which is the world’s biggest annual gathering, begins on 13 October, but many will already be planning and booking their own trips.  Unfortunately, there will also be

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Hajj Fraud Questionnaire 2013

  City of London Police are seeking feedback on Hajj Fraud.  If you think you have been affected please complete the Questionnaire below. Hajj Fraud is money obtained be deciet with no intention of fulfilling the clients paid product or services. Fraud is not an attribute of a Muslim. the

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Hajj Fraud 2012 Updates

Following a string of reports to us from the community on the possibility of Hajj fraud, we have been working closely with the City of London Police & Action Fraud to bring the fraudsters to justice. [warning]16/10/12 – Reports received of pilgrims affected by fraud in Bradford[/warning] [notice]15/10/12 3pm –

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Hajj 2012: latest advice

City of London Police is continuing its work with the Muslim community to stop fraudsters who steal hundreds of thousands of pounds from pilgrims travelling to Mecca. As the Umrah season begins, and with just months to go until this year’s Hajj (24th-29th October), there are concerns pilgrims maybe tempted

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