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Hajj 2023

Below is a list of key resources for Hajj 2023 covering latest travel updates, events and services. 

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CBHUK Hajj Seminar Training Slides

Saudi Bio App for Hajj 2023

HAJJ 2023: Update 23/5/23

HAJJ 2023 – Guidance for British Pilgrims

HAJJ 2023 – Q&A

Have a Hajj related query? Our team of experienced Hajj Guides, Medical Doctors and Imams are ready to assist.    

Hajj Training Seminars & Events 2023

Book your place at a venue near you. 

Hajj Shop

One Stop Shop for All Your Hajj Essentials

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ACWY Vaccination Clinic

Meningitis ACWY is a Mandatory requirement for Hajj & Umrah Travel.  Book your Jab at our clinic. 


FAQ's on Hajj 2023